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World Wildlife Fund Says Government’s Move on Oil Ban is not Enough

With Oceana having a weight lifted off their shoulders with these oil exploration policies in the making, the World Wildlife Fund is calling for more.  They did not issue any official release to the media but they did publish on their website, a document that this is an important step in the right direction but it does not remove the threat entirely to the country’s reef.  And so, WWF is calling for, quote, “a permanent moratorium or complete ban on offshore oil exploration and drilling in Belize. If the current moratorium is lifted, it must be informed by strong science, social and environmental impact assessments, an oil contingency response plan and overall agreement from the Belizean public.”  The release went on to state that more also needs to be put in place to address unsustainable coastal projects that can negatively affect the reef, if it is to continue being a provider for the long-term economic and environmental prosperity of Belize and Belizeans.  The release ended by saying, quote, “Over many years, WWF has worked collaboratively with the government, private sector and partners to help secure a number of conservation achievements in Belize. Since 2010 WWF has been advocating, as part of the national Coalition to Save Our Heritage, for a full ban on oil drilling in Belize’s land-based protected areas and all offshore waters.”  End of quote.