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WPC Brown charged with the murder of Fareed Ahmad

There have been varied speculations as to who is responsible for the murder of well-known barber and referee Fareed Ahmad. Today the woman who Police believe shot Ahmad appeared in court. Johnelle McKenzie was at the courthouse and has the story.

There was a heavy police presence as one of their own was being arraigned in the Magistrate’s Court.  24-year-old Woman Police Officer Michelle Brown appeared before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser unrepresented. Brown was charged with the murder of Fareed Ahmad. The Chief Magistrate read the charge of murder to her; however, no plea was taken since the matter is indictable.  Her case was adjourned to March 9 and she was remanded to Hattieville prison.  As we told you, prominent barber, Fareed Ahmad’s vehicle was found crashed into a parked truck at mile 17 on the George Price Highway the night of December 27, 2017. Inside the vehicle was Ahmad with a single gunshot to his face and Brown was found with him.  Ahmad was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. In their investigation, police are trying to determine why Brown was inside Ahmad’s vehicle.  Assistant Commissioner of Police and Head of Professional Standard Branch, Chester Williams explains.

ACP Chester Williams – Commander, Professional Standards Branch   “We also looked at whether or not Fareed and the W knew each other and that is still up in the air. We have not been able to confirm or deny whether or not they knew each other. Our investigation to ascertain that issue will continue and we are hoping that we will be able to obtain Mr.Fareed’s phone which is in the possession of the family members that we can go through it in their presence to see if we will find anything that could assist us in ascertaining a motive as well as whether or not they were acquaintances in any way. The post-mortem examination was conducted on Friday and the doctor certified that he died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head as a result of road traffic accident as well as consequence of gunshot wounds.”

Apart from being charged with murder, Brown faces additional charges

ACP Chester Williams – Commander, Professional Standards Branch

“She was also charged administratively for neglect of duty in that she failed to hand over her issued firearm before reporting off duty. As well as for the act of prejudice to good order and discipline in that by unlawful harm she caused the death of Fareed Ahmad. We have also obtained information or statements from the officer who is in charge of her team to the effect as to why she was in possession of the firearm while she was off duty. In his statement, he has outlined that after reporting off duty she disappeared. He tried calling her several times to get her to come in and hand over the firearm and she did not answer her phone hence the reason why she was in possession of that firearm.”


Brown will return to court on March 9.