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YATA’s latest production: Wake

YATA is famous for hosting theatre production which seeks to explore the challenges faced by our society. This year’s production is entitled “Wake” and it will be held at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts. Joseph Stamp-Romero, the Director of YATA, said that the production looks at ethical differences that exist in our society.

Joseph Stamp Romero, Director at Youth Advocacy Through Arts

Joseph Stamp Romero, Director YATA, Youth Advocacy Through Arts: “I think often time as a community we see issues in Belize and we look at it through the perspective of sometimes color, sometimes through the issue of social class and we don’t often realize that it’s a communal issue. We see crime, we see poverty, whatever the issue might be and in a way you get to see how people come together despite their differences and I think as a community that is what we yearn for, what our drive is in YATA, to be part of a community that is a collective and that is moving forward. In this play you see people can’t get along in a family in this particular and in this particular group can’t get along because they’re different and so you see this comes together in comedy, in drama and how some of the issues that come out normally in a community comes out in a family household as well. The way we explore our topics we allow our young people, our young audience to inform us about some of the issues that they have and how they would actually see those/want to see resolutions for those topics, want to see a Belize that can come together, a Belize that can move forward beyond some of its challenges and so in the play the family has issues within itself and the characters are moving towards solutions to those problems; wether all the characters accept it as a reality that is another story but we try to bring it to a close where we can understand that it can be achieved.”

The show will be on Friday, August 23, and Saturday, August 24.  Tickets are available for twenty dollars for reserve and fifteen dollars for general admission.