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Yearwood: “I strongly support the media in fair play across the board”

A meeting has been scheduled to take place tomorrow morning between representatives from media houses across Belize and the high command of the Belize Police Department. The meeting is a follow up to the first meeting held a few months ago with regards to the finalization of a police-media policy. A few months ago the relationship between the media and police had blossomed into a positive working partnership but that partnership quickly deteriorate, as a unilateral decision was taken to deny any and all interviews to the media. Today, The Morning Show on this station dedicated a segment where by reporters of different media houses spoke on the impasse between the media and police. The same was done on other stations as a show of solidarity and unity amongst the competing media houses. During one of the talk shows, Former Police Press Officer, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, spoke against the department, saying that the Police Press Officer has been muzzled.

Fitzroy Yearwood

“When I got in that office there was a real decay between the media and the police public relations officer. But at the end of the day for some female officer to get out on public tv and claimed that they transferred me because of misinforming the public and wrote me a letter to that degree now that really pissed me off because I am a man of integrity and I don’t lie to the Belizean public. I was transferred with the intent to be punished and I don’t care what they do to me after me making this call but I will stay with my integrity and the Belizean public knows that I am not a liar. I believe the Belizean public should know the truth at all times and that the end of the days I will not apologize for keeping the Belizean public truly informed because they brought me back to that office in an attempt to restore the integrity of that office. Since I left that office in August there has been no true public relations officer at that office and instead of replacing me with somebody that has the same capabilities they have muzzled that office. I strongly support the media in fair play across the board. There is a price that I will pay for making this call but i support the cause and I believe the cause in bringing the truth to the public at all times.”