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Yearwood Says No Need to Fear the Streets

This morning the police from Eastern Division North spoke about the murder of Tevin Palmer that occurred yesterday evening on Castle Street. Inspector Hilberto Romero, Officer in Charge of the Criminal Investigation Branch gave the details stating that the deadly shooting started at a social gathering.

HILBERTO ROMERO: “At 3am or 4am on Wednesday July 6 2016 CIB personnel visited number 50B castle street where they found the lifeless body of Tevin Palmer, he had multiple gunshot wounds to the head. He was found sitting in a sofa inside a house. Investigations revealed that he was there along with family members and other persons and at some point someone pulled out a firearm and he was shot to the head. We have three persons we are looking for and the investigation continues. He was there with persons that he knew, they were all at the house and at some point one of the persons pulled out a firearm and shot at the deceased that is the information that we have at this time. We have information at this time that the deceased knew them prior to this shooting. We recovered five expended shells at the scene, the person has multiple shots too the head. We have not established a clear motive we are working on the case and are recordings statements and we are seeking three persons in regard to this murder.”

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, Police Press Officer, said although there were three murders in Belize City, there is no need for residents to be afraid.

FITZROY YEARWOOD: “We do not see any reason to scare the general public and put them into any state of panic because we had a murder on this side which you rightfully mentioned that we haven’t seen a murder for a while. It does raise our eyebrows and like Mr.Romero also said we are trying to see the connection. With that murder and the other one that is alleged is connected and we have our mechanism in place to keep this kind of crime from reoccuring and we just want to let our citizens know that we will not stop our efforts to try to solve these crimes and prevent these crimes.”

Yearwood also made a public plea for eye witnesses to come forward and help the police bring justice to Palmer’s family and charge the shooter.

FITZROY YEARWOOD: We need their help because we cannot do it alone and this is why we do several programs to involve the general public and the community on a whole to interact with us. I believe that if we have more witnesses coming forward, this is broad daylight, people have to know what took place and if they come forward then it makes it easier for us to pursue justice for that family. We are appealing to them, we are begging them even if it’s only for identification purposes we appreciate any little help that can help us to solve these murders. We are not asking you to take the stand right away, we are asking you to maybe call 922 OR 911. Any means that you want to call us just to share what you may have scene or what you saw just to help us to solve these crimes.”

Eastern Division North Police stated that they are vigorously continuing their patrolling and monitoring activities such as stop and search and community activities such as meet and greet.