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Yellowman fired, what’s the story?

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Brian ‘Yellowman’ Audinett is a known stalwart supporter of the United Democratic Party (UDP).  Prior to elections in 2008, he was at the forefront of the party’s commercials and television campaign.  Fast forward to 2019 and Yellowman was given his walking papers from the Belize Sports Council where he was hired as the Marion Jones Stadium’s Night Auditor. 

Brian ‘Yellowman’ Audinett is a known stalwart supporter of the United Democratic Party (UDP).  Prior to elections in 2008, he was at the forefront of the party’s commercials and television campaign.  Fast forward to 2019 and Yellowman was given his walking papers from the Belize Sports Council where he was hired as the Marion Jones Stadium’s Night Auditor.  Audinett spoke to our colleagues at Channel 7 and lashed out at the Minister of Sports, Patrick Faber, accusing him of being vindictive, among other things.

Brian ‘Yellowman’ Audinett: “I’m not surprised at all Jules. On November 2nd I got a phone call from Patrick Faber, I was driving on Coney Drive, and the man called me and the man said “You see all like you, Shyne, Barrow and Finnegan and all of you all that are [EXPLETIVE] me, I will [EXPLETIVE] all of you back just wait until I win.” He then went on and said “But I will start with you. Please don’t show up again at those facilities anymore.” and I said “but Faber I need my job. I said Faber “but I need my job Faber.” he said “I don’t care what you need,  you all are with John Saldivar stay there have John Saldivar pay you, have Barrow pay you, have Finnegan pay you.” That is what the man called and the man told me, the man is vindictive bad.”

Reporter: You’re sure the Deputy Leader of the UDP told you these words sir ?

Brian ‘Yellowman’ Audinett:The man called me about ten o’clock or sometime around ten the second of November I can show you a text in my phone where I texted him after he told me all the things and hung up the phone, I can show you the text right now that same date where the man told me that me, Shyne, Barrow and Finnegan are plotting against him with John Saldivar and to watch what happens when he wins and that he will make an example out of me and that I am fired and that I should not show up at any of the Sports Council facilities.”

Reporter: But now in this letter it is saying that there is no evidence of you conducting your visits at facilities from since June 1 2019.

Brian ‘Yellowman’ Audinett: “Jules, you could go to the Sports Council, there are workers at the Sports Council, there are cameras at the Sports Council at Marion Jones stadium where you can see me, not last week because I never went there last week because I was in the hospital, but the week before you can go there and the camera will show that I showed up at the facility so they are lying.”

Reporter: So you’re saying on your letter of termination, so you’re going to labor then?

Brian ‘Yellowman’ Audinett: “I have to go to labor because that is absolutely not true Jules. That was set up by the Minister of Education Patrick Faber, set up Ian Jones to do the letter to victimize me as usual, he victimizes people he is a petty individual and he wants to be a leader of a party; that man is sick for power Jules, he’s mentally disturbed. He’s a sick puppy sir. This man will make somebody that has not do one thing for this party write a letter an fire me ? Just because I am supporting John Saldivar for leader? You cannot support a man like him which is vindictive Jules, this man is vindictive. I feel sorry for the director, sorry for him he didn’t want to do this.”

Reporter: But sir the man said very specifically that leniency was granted, the hours missing were deducted from your salary, can no longer tolerate such neglect of work duties man straight is straight.

Brian ‘Yellowman’ Audinett: Yes straight is straight Jules, that is why I’m telling you Jules the director has absolutely no choice but to follow the order of his superior which is Patrick Faber. If he could do something to somebody like me, a hard UDP, that rallies day in and day out for this party, if they call me tomorrow I am out there, if you hear something tomorrow I am out there Jules- he could do that to me what do you think Patrick will do to those ordinary Belizean people out there ? You imagine,just imagine Jules he did it to me, took bread out of my children’s mouths Jules, what he wouldn’t do to those poor people out there that are not close to this party like that.”

Reporter: Eventually you will make up because you all are both UDP , you have to make up.

Brian ‘Yellowman’ Audinett: “Jules and that is why I am upset. The enemy is the People’s United Party and for Patrick Faber to do what he did to me, to actually do something like that- we are one party and we must go forward. The enemy is the PUP but Faber doesn’t see that. He’s so desperate for power he will do anything you know ? Anything. Desperate people, Jules, do desperate things and that is what the sick puppy as done.”

Faber responded to Audinett’s statement with very few words.

Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports: ” I advise you to go and look at the letter and then you go back and ask Yellow man about what the letter says and if what the letter says is an accurate description of what has transpired. I’ll leave it there.”

Audinett’s letter of termination cited his consistent absence from work as being the main cause of his dismissal.  Audinett was in the news a few weeks back when he allegedly defamed Senator Louis Zabaneh in the National Assembly building, calling him a thief, among other things.  That matter is yet to be settled by the house committee.

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