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YES facility in Ladyville burglarized

Over the weekend the Youth Enhancement Services Lord’s Bank facility in Ladyville was burglarized. The kitchen window in the facility was seen pried open with all the cabinets and draws ransacked and left opened. According to the Executive Director for YES, Karen Cain she is at a loss of words as this is the second time this year that the facility was burglarized.

Karen Cain, Executive Director, Youth Enhancement Services: “The broke into Lords Bank, this is YES, probably in the last three months. It’s a shame in fact I have never been at a loss for words more than probably, today’s Wednesday, Monday. I was so down and drained because they really wiped us out. They took everything of value that they could have taken and it’s a big set back for us in this time because as we all know finances is very hard for a small NGO and some of the stuff that they took is really irreplaceable or if we even can replace them it will take probably funding and years for us to get that funding to replace those items.”

No exact value was given to our newsroom but Cain noted that some of the items will take a long time and a lot of funding to replace.