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Yhony Rosado claims he gave the PUP thousand of dollars in cash and services for election

It’s almost an unspoken rule in post-Independence politics in Belize that the two mass parties rely in part on the contributions of silent donors. But businessman, Yhony Rosado was very transparent in who he gave money to. In his press briefing in which he complained bitterly about how the systems of government have treated him unfairly, he alleged that he gifted the People’s United party thousands of dollars in donations and services. Rosado alleges that a known party operative collected as much as fifty-thousand dollars in cash more than a decade ago as ‘campaign contribution’. Here’s how he responded when he was asked about those contributions.

Yhony Rosado, Businessman: “My wife and myself, we’re very. We’re about. They tell us if we support the party, you know like every Belizean they sell us dreams and I’m very clear. I give them a bag of $50,000 cash and that had to be prepared and *censored* was the transporter. Whenever I come to this table I don’t come to play honest. I come to open my mouth and know the risk that I’m running. But things have to be said Jules because the politicians are doing what they do best. We the citizens have to do what we do best and it’s to defend ourselves. Whose vehicles? Whose buses were burned down at the Port of Belize? Each one of my buses are valued at $40,000. Thank God I wasn’t arrested but whose buses were? In Belize you don’t only have a businessman who doesn’t want to put anyway. If they put their money they don’t want anybody to know and that’s why they brought these two young men. We need to break that tradition where we help them govern our country, they don’t govern our country. They run the country hot and hotter than before and then we say shut up. We are lamenting that we’re sorry that we did this. I’m not sorry I did anything.  I did help the PUP financially. I did help them with transportation. I didn’t help burning my buses.I didn’t help with Giovanny Brackett burning tires. It’s my job as a citizen to, as oppositions, to make sure the other government who was in power to do the right thing.”

Prime Minister and PUP Party Leader, John Briceño was not the party leader at the time and says he did not know about this donation.’ The campaign Manager at that time said that he has no knowledge of what Yhony spoke off and it certainly did not go through him.