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Yhony Rosado demands apology over stolen vehicle

Businessman Yhony Rosado is out sixty-five thousand dollars, the amount of money he says he paid for a 2021 Volkswagen Atlas. It’s an SUV that Rosado says he purchased from Roberto Villanueva. The vehicle had sustained a significant crash and was brought to Belize. Rosado acquired the vehicle and repaired it only for the Police to confiscate it from him. That’s because Commissioner Chester Williams says that the vehicle was reported stolen in the U.S. and for the foreseeable future, the vehicle remains with the Police. Since then, we’ve discovered that Belize Rural North Area Representative Marconi Leal, Sr.’s name was found atop the Customs appraisal form connected to the vehicle. He consented to this because he was simply helping out a friend with a discount on the duty on the SUV. Rosado even acquired a registration from the Belize City Council. The bottom line tonight is that Rosado has neither the money nor the vehicle. At a press briefing this morning, Rosado was asked: what’s next? Here’s how he responded. 

Yhony Rosado, Businessman: “This is a nightmare for me. I wish for Chester Williams to apologise to me. I wish for the Traffic Department to apologise to, to us, me and my family. I wish for the Customs Department to do a better job. I wish for everything to react back as they always want. But I’m pretty sure that none of this would have happened. So I’m bringing this up so the next time this happens it’s no news to you, news to the country. It is everyday, every time and so you have to  be very smart bringing our story’s out and it’s is. I’m in a situation here because I want my vehicle but would I be able to drive that vehicle comfortably knowing that it’s all over the media, it’s a stolen vehicle. I would have to sell it. And then, that’s if I get it back. According to Chester Williams, that vehicle is not going back. So we need to sue Mr. Roberto Villanueva? But I’m not upset with Mr. Roberto Villanueva. I’m not upset with Customs. I’m upset to the branch, to the intelligence of ths Government that they brought in this vehicle here. They allowed for this vehicle to come into this country to be sold to any Belizeans. It just so happened that I was the bad lucked one. So if you ask me what I want, I want justice!”

But despite the Police’s insistence that it has credible information that the vehicle was stolen, Rosado insists he is the true owner because it was legitimized by the process in which he was able to get it. 

Yhony Rosado, Businessman: “This is where the problem we have. The Commissioner is going above and beyond his authority. How would you, as the Commissioner of Police, be disrespecting a certificate that is a Government approval? This is where I battle it out.  But the question that you’re asking me and that’s why I am here, I am challenging Chester Willams and I’m challenging the PUP Government. They were said that there’ll be no more corruption. I have proven to you that this paper here is not only for me.. This is not Yohnny Rosado, this is the Government of Belize, Customs Department and I’ll prove to you that it’s a Minister of the new government, the powerful,  P UP. I have assigned a vehicle entering our country to be sold to any citizen. So Chester needs to apologise to the nation of this country for going beyond and above his authority. He’s the Commander. He’s not the country commander. This is a traffic legitimate document. So that’s why I’m here.” 

When asked whether he will sue, he said he was reluctant since it will be taxpayers who will have to foot the bill.