Yhony Rosado Takes Legal Action Against Government of Belize

Yhony Rosado Takes Legal Action Against Government of Belize

Self-proclaimed activist and businessman, Yhony Rosado, says he is taking the government to court after his name was allegedly slandered by the Commissioner of Police. In August last year, Rosado paid sixty-five thousand dollars for a 2021 Volkswagen Atlas from a dealer here in Belize; but later found out the vehicle was stolen when the police confiscated it. Rosado claims that his business transaction was legit since he was able to get a certificate of authenticity. Rosado ultimately lost his money, says he wants it back one way or the other, and is now seeking legal action against the government.

Yhony Rosado, Businessman: “I didn’t know it was stolen because I purchased it here let’s make it clear because between the media and the people of Belize they- “Hey Yhoni what happened to the stolen vehicle?” The vehicle was not stolen by me nor by anyone. The vehicle was stolen in America, it was reported stolen, the guy bought it from an insurance company, he brought it here, the PUP Minister Mr. Marconi Leal signed it in the vehicle came legally when they saw Mr. Rosado at the car wash with a nice Oh no he has to be selling drugs we’re doing something illegal and they took away the vehicle. After a couple months I hear that the chief in command, mention no names, said that I heard it was drug dealing so they just came for the vehicle because if it’s drug dealing he won’t make any noise. And I have all the records. I showed you the paper where I sold a property for $250,000 and I bought the Range Rover and I bought that vehicle and I had the 4Runner. The 4Runner was a bit too old and that’s why the vehicle I gave a down payment until the vehicle arrived in Belize. I would have never done a trip to America to purchase a stolen vehicle. What hurt me after all was that I got the vehicle here and they took away here from no other than the minister and the chief of police orders. And but don’t worry I have- I am positive too we are suing the government because the government is the one that is in charge to make sure that there is nothing illegal coming to our country. I purchased my vehicle here and we have done the same thing that the young man that died in the little van that got suffocated it’s the same thin my attorney have sent them many letters , many warnings let’s settle this matter. Remember it was in this building that I asked I just want my vehicle back and a little apology that’s all I wanted back you know?. 
Rosado went on to state that he will seek legal redress for the damage suffered to his reputation, which is now being questioned.

Yhony Rosado, Businessman: “Closure with the vehicle we are suing the government for their wrongdoing entering a vehicle, a stolen vehicle in their domain or their records and Yhony Rosado purchased it and they took it away from me so we are suing them and we have a clean case to get some amount of money. And I will call a press conference to show the country the check because it’s not for the same amount of money that we are suing because it is unfair. Remember I asked publicly for them to give me back my vehicle and call it off? They didn’t want it so what type of government do we have? What type of chief of command do we have? What type of ministers? But if their name was involved they would have called me and settled down but when the country of Belize has to pay they get arrogant. So that is closure right there so we have good news I am not worried anymore we are getting not that vehicle we are getting a white one.” 

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