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yok hayır- Health Ministry tells Brodies NO to Turkish Drugs

James Brodie and Company Limited has been having some issues with the importation of pharmaceutical products into Belize. Since July, 2017 a regulation was created that was stringent on imported pharmaceuticals and required a certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice from drug producers. Certain labels had to be in English or Spanish but a portion of Brodie’s imports were Turkish. The management of Brodies has sent an appeal to the Government of Belize to release over ninety thousand dollars’ worth of drugs. Brodies says that it has always purchased pharmaceuticals from the Ziotis Company in Turkey for many years with permits. Brodies says that the drugs are brand name drugs from Pzizer and other reputable companies, but because the drugs were manufactured in Turkey, the language of the country of origin is on the labels. Brodies has offered to relabel the pharmaceuticals into English or Spanish as required by the new regulations, after they would presumably be released. The company cited two clients who were in desperate need for specific medication in the shipment being held and the Government allowed the release of the particular medication, so the company believes it the entire shipment should be released. However, the director of Health Services Marvin Manzanero has said importers were given a grace period which expired in November, 2017 and there were some additional discrepancies with the recent Brodie’s shipment.