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Young Barber Murdered

There were a few attempted robberies over the weekend where guns were involved. But there were two men who lost their life in incidents that the police have yet to find motives. The first victim was a 21-year-old man whom was well liked.  The police say Eric Staine died five minutes after he was shot.

Jose Sanchez: “Eric Staine as seen in this picture in happier times was a Barber from North Front St. in Belize City. The Police say his life was cut short at 10 pm on Sunday night.

ASP Wilfredo Ferrufino: “CIB personnel visited the KHMH where they encountered Eric Staine a 21 year old Barber of a North Front St. address suffering from several gun wounds to the body and he succumbed to those injuries at about 10:05 PM. Police responded to shots being fired  on the George Price Highway on the corner of Croman Rd. and upon arriving there Police discovered Mr. Staine’s body. He was transported to the KHMH and he died of those injuries. We have reviewed Cameras in the area and we have some information and the investigation is ongoing.”

Jose Sanchez: Residence of the Crewman area saw a motorcycle and a SUV suddenly leave the area flowing the shooting.”

Wilfredo Ferrufino: We are looking into that yes and there is no motive at this time, We are investigating certain information that we have and and the investigation is continuing at this time.”

“Jose Sanchez for Love News.”

The mood at the barbershop on North Front Street where Staine father also lives was quite somber today. The police continue their investigation with the aid of cameras that were in the Krooman area.