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Young French tourist assaulted and robbed in Sarteneja

Images of a young tourist who was assaulted in Sarteneja, Corozal have made their rounds on social media. According to reports, the victim, 25-year-old French National, Gabriel Jacquet, was sleeping in a hammock on the seaside near a dock known as “dollar coin” when he was attacked and robbed. Love News was able to get in touch with a member of the Sarteneja Independent Working Alliance, Carlos Tamai, who was instrumental in getting medical attention for the young man.

Carlos Tamai – Sarteneja Independent Working Alliance: I was working as a community tender, I was chopping doing some mowing. Two young guys came towards me and asked me if I could please assist them because there was a tourist bleeding on the seaside so I asked them if they have been to the station. They said yes but there is no policeman and the station is closed. I told him if he went to they went to the clinic? He said yes it is closed. I told them that I would be there any minute so I just drove there.  When I went I saw the young guy there bleeding very badly from his nose and his ears. Actually, I was talking to him and asked what happened? He said he doesn’t know. He was knocked on his head and was like out of his mind. I asked him several times where he came from? He said he is from France and said that he just came into Sarteneja this morning. When I went there it was around ten minutes to six or so. Then when I went there and saw him bleeding I immediately called Jason Moody which is the boss of the police in Corozal. I asked her for help, I told her Ms. you know there is no policeman, there is no nurse. This gentleman here is going to pass away if I don’t take him to the hospital and I asked her if she could please assist me by giving me the authorization to move this body here and take him to Corozal to the hospital and she said yes. I asked her to please send an ambulance because he was in a really critical condition. She agreed so I just put him in the truck and drove him to the Corozal Hospital, then by Copper Bank Road I met the ambulance so what we did, we transferred him into the ambulance and they took him to Corozal. From then, as far as I know, he is in Belize City. He was saying that he had a backpack and inside the backpack had all of his items, documents, passport, cellphone, wallet, his clothes. Everything was wiped out, there was nothing with him.

Tamai also told us that Jacquet was travelling alone, but he managed to speak to Jacquet’s father in France, who informed him that the young tourist had cracks in his skull from the assault. When we contacted Jacquet’s father, he told us that he was unable to speak at that time, and that he is still in the process of gathering information. Due to the time difference between France and Belize, he told us he would try an interview when it is daytime in France.///////