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Young Girl Finds Mom Murdered in Western Belize

The murder count increased by three since our last news report on Friday. The latest was reported in Belmopan where the body of a woman was discovered this morning. We get the details from correspondent Fem Cruz.


‘”Belmopan police are investigating the brutal murder 31-year-old, Bella Regina Williams whose body was found this morning July 25th some time around 7am in the Las Flores area of Belmopan. Love News understands that her 13 year old daughter was the one who came across her mom’s nude body in front of the door inside of their yard. 31 year old Bella Regina Williams better known as Bella was transported to the Western Regional Hospital morgue where her body now awaits a post mortem examination. Love News spoke to a neighbor, the second person to arrive at the scene.”


“At about 3:25am some sounds woke me up, it was between a shout and a scream. I waited for a couple seconds and I heard it again. I waited for a couple more seconds and I didn’t hear it again so I came out to check. I came out on the veranda, I looked out but didn’t see anything. I stood out there looking over, it’s only about 30 yards, I didn’t see anything. My wife came out with me, we both sat out for another five minutes but immediately after I came out the dogs started barking up the street. I waited there a few more minutes and then we went back to sleep. This morning our neighbor came over to tell us that Gina was apparently dead. I immediately called the police and they came over right away. It was very horrifying. It is so sad because Gina was lying on the ground and her little 12 year old was sitting right beside her. It was a very sad scene. The police came and started doing their investigations.”


“Emil Novelo the aunt of the deceased spoke to Love News.”


“This morning we woke up at around 6am. The three children were there. I saw that Gina hadn’t come home. The daughter, the oldest one she went down stairs and then I heard her scream and then she told me to call 911. When I went down there I saw my grand niece. She seems to have been stripped of her clothes. I looked at her and I knew that something bad had happened to her and then we called 911. Last night, Sunday, she said that she was going out for a while. I think she went around 9:30 and then half an hour afterwards she came back and she told me that she wanted a password and I wondered why she wanted that because she doesn’t have a computer, she can’t read or write, she had a learning disability. She went away and that was the last time I saw her alive.”

Belmopan Police have one person detained and are looking for a second suspect. Charges are expected to be filed tomorrow.