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Young Girl Killed On Her Way Home

The Flowers family in Crooked Tree Village is still in disbelief after one of their own was knocked down and killed last night after seven o’clock.  Nineteen year old Alma Flowers was heading to her home in the village on a bus. When that bus stopped in front of the bus stop at the entrance of the village, Flowers got off and walked across the highway. When she did so, she was hit by a black vehicle travelling from Orange Walk to Ladyville. Linette Canto is a family member and she spoke to Love News.


We are still in shock; it was such a tragic event for our family. We are very close and Alma was a shining light within our family circle and so getting that news last night was indeed very shocking and I think most of us are still processing it and still trying to come to terms with what happened. I know her mother and siblings are devastated. As far as her mom is concerned a lot of her hopes and dreams were embodied in her daughter so it’s going to be very difficult for her to get through this tragedy. Alma was doing really well in life she was full of energy and vitality, she had graduated from high school with honors, she was attending the University of Belize so we saw her as somebody that had a great future in store for her so again I have to say that it’s been really difficult dealing with this.  I am not one hundred percent sure what happened I wasn’t there so I don’t have all the details of the accident. I believe she had disembarked from a bus as you know there’s a bus stop right at the entrance of the village so as far as I am aware she had disembarked from the bus and she was crossing the road to get to the other side so that she would be able to go into the village. I do believe that at some point in time some serious measures need to be taken to ensure that there is some bump or something there so that at least vehicles are able to slow down so that no other pedestrian is put in jeopardy like Alma was last night.”

A family member called in to LOVE FM this morning to inform us that the driver of the vehicle, Lionel del Valle, stopped to render aid and is helping the family. According to Senior Superintended Alden Dawson, del Valle is in police custody.


I can’t say at this time who is really at fault the police are still investigating the matter. They are in the process of recording statements at this time. Mr. Viaje is in custody at this time and based on the investigation the police will proceed with charges if necessary.”


“Were samples taken from him to see if he was intoxicated or anything of that sort?”


Yes the police followed the whole procedure.”




At this time like I said the police are recording statements I haven’t been briefed as to witnesses or how many there are but they are recording statements.”