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Young Man Leaves Pawn Shop Dead

Downtown Belize City was locked off at around two this afternoon after a homicide occurred inside Barrera Murder 2Kephawn’s Pawn Shop located in the Commercial Center near the Swing Bridge. It is not confirmed if it was a robbery gone wrong but either way, twenty year old Phillip Barrera did not make it out the store alive. Details surrounding how the incident unfolded inside the shop remain sketchy but according to Deputy Officer in Command of Eastern Division Southside, Senior Superintendent Alden Dawson, Barrera was already dead when they arrived at the scene.


“Police received information sometime after two where the information stated that someone got shot inside a pawn shop. Upon arrival they saw the male person who was recently identified as Phillip Barrera lying on the floor apparently dead. Our understanding is that he entered the business place and something transpired between him and the proprietor where he eventually got shot along with some other friend he was with, I understand.”

Up to news time this evening, speculations are that Barrera had gone to the store to commit a robbery when he met his death. Barrera was a key witness in the murder case of David Hernandez which concluded earlier this month. In that case, the accused, Lincoln Hemsley had walked free after Barrera changed his story given to the authorities and was subsequently treated as a hostile witness. Since investigations are in its infancy stage, we will be following its progress in days to come.