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Young Mother Found Murdered in Her Room

A 21-year-old woman was killed in Belize City this morning. The body of Merlin Elizabeth Herrera Mejia was found in a room at a residence on Morning Glory Street. Inspector Alejandro Cowo, Crimes Investigation Branch told us more.


“On today’s date at 6:50am acting upon information received, Police visited 4333 it is a cement structure building and police went inside of a room where they saw the lifeless body of a female person. She was identified as Marolyn Elizabeth Herrera Mejia, a 21 year old Salvadoran national, cleaner of that same address. Police observed on her, two large cut wounds to the neck and one behind the left ear.”

Police say that they have one person of interest that they are currently looking for.


“We suspect that it’s a family dispute. At this moment the police is seeking the common law husband. What happened as far as we know is that they were living together but they had separated some time ago and that he was still frequenting the location where the body was found. That is all I can say.”

This morning we spoke to the foster mother of the victim Maria Dora Mejia who told us she is not certain what transpired leading to Mejia’s death.


“I don’t know what happened because I did not see, it was last night. What I can say is that I don’t know if he was here when he called me around  midnight and  because by telephone I can’t see and I was not here. He called me and told me she came in very drunk and he asked me if he should take the child and I told him to go ahead but I don’t I know anything, I don’t know if he did anything. I was asleep when he called. I can’t accuse him because I did not see if he did it.”

Merlin Mejia was 21 years old, and had a four year old son. The victim’s mother told Love News that her daughter was married for four years and that Merlin Mejia was separated from her husband for two weeks; he however was not the biological father of Mejia’s son.