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Young mother of two killed and left in cane field

A single phone call alerted 23-year-old, Yanira Novelo’s family that she had been killed in cold blood and her body dumped in a cane field near the San Lorenzo Housing Site in Orange Walk. Her 4-year-old son, who was injured in his upper abdomen with a broken glass bottle, was found wandering the road near the field last night by a good Samaritan. He was hospitalized and had to undergo surgery for his injury, but now has to continue his young life without his mother by his side. Love News visited Novelo’s home in San Pablo Village where we learnt that she usually picks up money that her husband, who lives in the US, sends for her via Western Union.  She usually takes her 2-year-old daughter, but since it was her son’s birthday, she decided to take him. When she didn’t arrive home at her usual time, her family believed she was shopping for her son. By nighttime, however, they were out searching for her. It wasn’t until this morning that her body was found. According to her relative, she was a quiet young woman, so her death comes as a surprise to them.

Relative of the Deceased: “They just received a call that they found the grandchild and from there we moved out, we did not stay around anymore, my husband and I went out with one of my nephews, we went to see what was happening and that is basically it. We went to the hospital to find the child to see what was going on. She doesn’t go out by herself, mostly she doesn’t have any friends either, she is a lonely person if you can say it like that. She doesn’t have many friends that I know, we are more close to our relatives, we are closer as a family, we are all hurt, we could not imagine what was going on and hopefully we get justice because she did not deserve to die. She is leaving two children behind and she didn’t deserve for this to happen to her and we really want justice for her death and whoever killed her that they pay for what they did to her. I have one saying that if us as people don’t make them pay, but someone up there saw everything and he will make them pay sooner or later.”

Novelo’s relative also said she usually took one of her sisters with her to go into town to run errands, but for some reason, she went alone this time. Police is yet to give their side of the investigation but Love News will keep following this story./////