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Young’s family convinced she has been murdered, makes plea to killer

The family of 23-year-old, Anisha Young continues their search for her but have still not been able to locate her. Today, the family, along with activist Jose Espat held a press conference to say how they plan to move forward. At this point, however, the family is convinced that Young has been murdered and are making a plea to whoever killed her to point them to her remains.

Family Member: “I can’t tell you when last we had a good night’s sleep or when we really sat down and had something to say when we are enjoying our food. It has been really hard especially the Christmas holiday that just went by. We know that our loved one is out there and she wants us to find her. I am going to plea right now to whosoever have anything to do with this come on. You guys already murdered her because of all our evidence that we have gathered just like how you guys called, that’s how we know that she is missing. Why can’t you guys call now and say to go and find her body. We are begging, if you want us to go on our knees all we need is closure. We just want to be able like Mr. Espat said to give some kind of burial. We can’t sleep knowing that she is out there, we can’t rest, it’s in our head to say get up and go look for her and that she is out there. Just give somebody a call, find out a way to get the number. You can use a payphone, you can use some unknown number just like you guys did in the begging. All we are asking for is to lay her to rest, that is all we are asking for so please just give us a call and tell us where. If you want us to go on our knees, if you want us to give you some kind of monetary compensation or anything.”

Grandmother:  “The pain will forever be there but we will heal yes but we will alway remember Anisha because she was not a young lady that was out there, she was well raised, respectful, well mannerly, full of life, happy. She was brought up by me, she was not dragged up and now for her life to be taken so senselessly with guys they know who they are, you know what went wrong and you know what took place. I forgive you, as a fair woman of god I have too but this justice will prevail, count on that.”

Espat says that the family continues with their search and he remains committed to their cause.

Family Member: “On Saturday at 6 pm we have a vigil starting from Pound Yard Bridge. We are asking the families that were previously affected such as Mr. Humes, Erwin Rodriguez, Mark Pollard and the list goes on. So we are asking all these families and even more we know that you are not affected directly by what our family is going through but because you have heart so we are asking that you bring a candle and that you join us. We will walk from Pound Yard Bridge to Battlefield Park because we have an agenda set up because we want our voices to be heard and I keep on saying in the media you don’t know when this will come knocking at your door. No one told us that this was coming.”

The family is willing and ready to pay for the DNA tests themselves in an effort to have the results as soon as possible./////