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Youth Apprenticeship Program offering Hope for the Less Privileged

Life can be hard, especially for young persons who are faced with challenges whether it is as school dropouts, becoming pregnant at a young age or finding oneself on the wrong side of the law. The Youth Apprenticeship Program works with youths in these categories to make life better for them to the point where they can go on to realizing their dreams. Today was the ending of the second phase of an entrepreneurship training that was started earlier this year. Love News spoke with Coordinator Dianne Finnegan.

Dianne Finnegan – Coordinator

“In August we did the first phase and you know the Apprenticeship program is for people who have dropped out of school. Young people who have had contact with the law and single mothers, so it is basically to give them a platform for them to work with and to know that with the difficulty in finding jobs out there they can be creative in building their own business. We also extended that to the young men who were participating in the interventions that I do with the gangs. They were very receptive and we had an excellent turn out with them. It so happens that a few of them saw an interest in it and contacted Amy. So they continue to communicate with her and today two of them are recipients of resources to open their own business.”

One of the participants, Joshua Hyde, received a tattoo kit to help him start his own business.