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Youth Cadets from Hopkins were treated to a Christmas party

Youths from Hopkins were treated to a Christmas party which was made possible by the Police Department. Southern Correspondent Harry Arzu filed this report.

Harry Arzu Stann Creek Correspondent: “The Belize Police Department hosted a Christmas party for all members of the Police Youth Cadets from Hopkins Village who were also awarded certificates for their accomplishments while in the programs, the event was held at the Sandy Beach Resort yesterday under the leadership of WPC Jacqueline Arzu. Love News was there and spoke with the officer.”

WPC Jacqueline Arzu: ‘I feel very good that this was something that I have always wanted to do.”

Harry Arzu Stann Creek Correspondent: “How long have you been a Police officer?”

WPC Jacqueline Arzu: “Two and a half years and presently our objective is to develop self respect, national pride, civic knowledge, sense of beauty, punctuality, physical and mental endurance, self awareness, self esteem, good moral character and most of all to develop specific skills and attitudes to assist in promoting law abiding citizens here in Hopkins Village. We as the community Policing officers here in Hopkins conduct various activities with the Cadets such as educational sessions with topics like self esteem, encouraging positive attitude, civic pride among others, we also do drills and physical education and character building. In the future we also plan to participate in the upcoming summer camp, reporting for Love News I am Harry Arzu.