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Youth Hostel Security is Being Questioned

The Princess Royal Youth Hostel located on the George Price Highway has been experiencing many issues lately, with their female residents.  Just a few weeks ago twelve girls escaped from the facility; they were all found and returned to their rooms but shortly after, eleven more escaped.  In between the escapes, police had to be called to the facility on several occasions.  Earlier in our news, we told you of a runaway 16-year-old.  She was a resident at the youth hostel, and it is from there that she ran away to be with a man from Santa Elena Town.  According to the girl’s mother, the administration at hostel did not inform her of her daughter’s escape nor did they notify her of any problems they were having.  She added that this is not the first time that her daughter has been able to escape.  As a matter of fact, in the last three weeks that the young girl has been at the hostel, she has run away on three occasions.
Voice of Mother: “Sunday night when my daughter ran away they didn’t even know that my daughter had run away when I went on Monday morning to inform them. The social man will just call the hostel if my daughter ran away. When I heard that it was from Sunday morning the lady told Mr.Westby that my daughter had run away I don’t think these things are right you know? I sent my daughter there for her safety because as hostel I believe that that place should be a safe place and a rehab place. I don’t know what kind of security those people have at that place. So when I thought my daughter was safe she wasn’t safe because she ran away from there three times and ended up all the way in Belize. I really don’t like the fact of how this hostel thing is happening. The thing that hurts me the most is that my daughter ran away from Sunday morning and they didn’t even inform the social workers until I got to the social place and they called the hostel is when they told them that my daughter had run away from Sunday morning and so far nothing is getting done. Nothing is getting done.”
It is evident that there are some issues at the hostel, and we have tried talking to the administration, but they have not been frank nor forthcoming with our reporters.  We contacted the Youth Hostel Director, Starla Bradley, who declined an interview, saying it will happen tomorrow.  Interestingly, the investigative report on the November 2015 inferno that burnt three girls to death at the youth hostel, still has not been made public.

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