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Youth Leaders Trained on Safety for Children

A number of youth leaders attended training sessions focusing on Children Safety Awareness in Punta Gorda. We hear more in this report from correspondent Paul Mahung.


“A number of youth leaders attended training sessions focusing on Children Safety Awareness in Punta Gorda.   One of the coordinators , Children Safe Space Project Officer Dorla Saki spoke of event.”


“The workshop which was held for Children Safe Space was for youth leaders and this has been the third of five workshops we previously had for community leaders and religious leaders. We work for 100 students and their parents, the four primary schools in Punta Gorda Town which are involved in the CSS program are Methodist, St.Benedicts, Bethel and St.Peter. This is funded by the Central American Regional Security Initiative CARSI through the US embassy Belmopan in Belize. The objectives are to build healthy relationships of students with teachers and students as well as the community members. We provide an environment for children to be less likely to drop out of primary schools and embark on their secondary education. It also helps to develop confidence and leadership in at risk children. The CSS program will bring to the greater community information and techniques that will assist in ensuring child safety and crime prevention.”


“Workshop sessions held March 29 were coordinated with support of Senior Youth Development Officer Keira Bowen Pollonio.”


“The Building People movement program and their Children Safe Space project contacted the Department of Youth Services to assist in the coordination of the Youth Leader’s Training as part of the project. The Department of Youth Services embraces the opportunity as the project outlines goals and objectives as a department we support. The program had remedial program for at risk youth, parenting programs, child safety awareness program. The workshop covered ways of keeping children safe, how the community could be involved. The project builds on the idea that it takes a whole community to raise a child and as Ms.Saki mentioned they are consulting with different community groups so community leaders parents, children, religious leaders and now they are consulting with the youth so collectively we can ensure that our children are being safe and that it’s the responsibility of each and everyone in the community.”


“Presentations were also made by representatives of Toledo National Drug Abuse Control Council.”