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Youths organize candlelight vigil

Much has been said of the gun violence on the streets, especially in Belize City.  A youth organization, Guide Light Productions, has organized a candlelight vigil to get more people, especially the youths involved in the fight against crime.  Andrew Munnings is the Executive Director of Guide Light Productions.

Andrew Munnings – Executive Director, Guide Light Productions

“If you know last year August we had a candlelight vigil for the death of Crisslyn and we wanted to make that annual. As you can see we are in July and not August and because of the death of Tarique and Ruben, the two little boys that got shot, we saw that this was the perfect time to have this vigil because one of the biggest problem we have is because Belizeans only allow their voices to be heard when certain things knock on their door. We don’t share that sense of care anymore. We hope that this vigil will be the platform for the voice of young people and the voice for the older people in Belize. We want Belizeans to come together. In the past we use to hear about neighbors coming together, loving each other. Now when you hear about violence, its entertainment to us. Most of us leave work with the thought that I am going to go home to see who died with a big smile on our faces because we don’t share the care for each other anymore. We have lost all of that so we hope that this candlelight vigil becomes the root for Belizean people in order to come together for one national goal and that’s for peace.”

Sabreena Daly shared the details of the candlelight vigil scheduled for Tuesday night in Belize City.

Sabreena Daly – Member, Guide Light Productions

The venue will be at the Battlefield Park beside Brodies. It’s 6pm and everyone is invited but mainly we hope that the assembly of each and every one coming tomorrow would be pretty much to provide emotional support. There at the vigil we will have some of the family members present of the young man Ruben that died and there will be testimonies, there will be singing, people can pretty much come together and just give a hug you know. Everyone has lost someone, maybe not by violence, but we hope that with this platform it can be something that everyone can look forward to, to provide that support, emotional support to say I’m sorry you know, to let them just know we are here for them. You don’t have to know someone to provide that support.”

 Daly said this is their second candlelight vigil and they are hoping that the turnout tomorrow night would be just as successful if not more so than last year.

Sabreena Daly – Member, Guide Light Productions

“We had a whole bunch of young people, family, friends, people who didn’t even know Ms. Crisslyn Gladden. We had a candlelight march where we just marched down the street and we were all wearing white. We are hoping that the people who attend the candlelight vigil tomorrow would wear white representing peace. It was really, really big. We are hoping for the same amount of people tomorrow, the same support. We really just hope that everyone comes together and let everyone realize that it is time to start to let your voice be heard. Time to bring awareness to what we’re feeling towards violence. We can’t expect that just being at home saying I don’t like all this killing and stuff like that, nobody can hear so if we continue with these activities and these different initiatives, these different outreach we’d really hope to emphasize on what we’re feeling, our views, our opinions. We’d also like to highlight that the vigil will be held under the theme Gone too soon. I think we can all relate to that. Every family has some family member that they might have lost and might have been too soon.”

The candlelight vigil will be held at Battle Field Park and all Belizeans are invited to be a part of it.