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Youths return from conference ready to implement new knowledge

Kyle Miller, Youth Empowerment Coordinator at the Department of Youth Services and Councilor Allan Pollard represented Belize at the Caribbean Youth Conference held late last month in St. Lucia. Now that he is back from his trip, Miller told Love News that he is looking forward to implementing an action plan which was drafted at the event.

Kyle Miller – Youth Empowerment Coordinator, Dept. of Youth Services: “Team was moving from rhetoric to action and it’s basically whereby young people come together from different parts of the Caribbean to put together an action plan whereby we’ve been to many conferences before and young people are always talking and talking so we are trying to move away from that talking and trying to do some action and so at this conference we had some working sessions whereby we put together some action plans towards SDG 11 which is sustainable cities and how young people and the community can play a role as it relates to achieving this goal. So one of the sessions that I had done and was in charge of was basically to get the information from these young people and put together this action plan and see how each young person can go back into their community and execute this plan. One of the action is how to get your community involved and so we are going to do some community mapping to see what services is available within each community and then we are going to do some community dialoguing whereby you go into the community and find out what young people need or want within that community and get the buy in from them and help them create a plan for their community and have them do the work within that particular community. We tend to find out that whenever we go into communities and we do things for a community it doesn’t work out because we don’t get that buy in from the community.”

Miller said that the conference also allowed them to make connections for future endeavours.