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Youths Speak on the Pandemic

And while the Ministry of Health and Wellness has been struggling to vaccinate a vast majority of the public they have been able to get the younger generation to come out. The pandemic so far has ravaged through the nation and claimed almost four hundred lives with a majority of them being above the age of forty. But what has been the response from the younger populace? Today, Reporter Vejea Alvarez found out what some of them had to say.

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: When we go to air each night there are usually groups of the adult population voicing their views and concerns over the COVID19 pandemic and the vaccines. In this news piece however we gave young voices and opportunity to weight in on this virus that plagues the entire world. After all statistics show an estimated 42% of the population is made up of persons under the age of 18. 

Azariah Chaplin, Student, St.Catherine Academy: “It is kinda sad because as a young person I want to get to experience certain things as other people who are older than me get to experience but I guess I can say it hasn’t been worse because I’m alive of course and some countries are worst and people are dying plenty so I’m grateful that I’m alive.”

Joseph Lambey, Student, SJCJC: “I say it’s really hectic with the third wave coming in and all and all these new variants that have been spoken about and the new regulations that the Prime Minister has put in all of that combined is kinda just very disruptive right now.”

Dhiraj Mukhi, Student, SJCJC: “At this point it’s really messed up in the world because of the cases going up so it’s kinda messed up but we have to do our part still, stay inside, get our vaccine.”

Fitzroy Yearwood Jr, Student, SJCJC: “From our point of view it’s very overwhelming and it’s quite different from what we’re used to. We’re just trying to just take it day by day and you know it kinda feels like it’s holding us back because we would like to be more free. It feels kinda like a prison in my personal opinion.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: You’re tired of being locked up ?

Fitzroy Yearwood Jr, Student, SJCJC: “Definitely. I’m trying to be outside.”

Julian Aldana, Student, SJCJC: “It’s hitting Belize very hard at the moment but then with the new regulations if Belizeans could fit through and do it it would work and honestly same thing too the government should do their part but like at t moment it’s a one – one and it’s not working as much together.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: All in all the pandemic continues to rattle the nation so the length of it’s anguish is anyone’s guest.