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Yupit hits the jackpot

The winner of Saturday’s Fantasy Five jackpot claimed his prize today. Esequiel Yupit, a father of three who lives with his family in the Corozal District, won two hundred and thirty-four thousand dollars. Yupit’s winning numbers are 24, 25, 9, 12, and 8. An elated Yupit told the media how he learned he won all that cash.

Esequiel Yupit – Fantasy Five winner: My wife normally look on Facebook on her phone and find because we normally buy boledo and that is the first thing that she does in the morning so she open her phone and check her facebook and then right there she saw the number and then she told me we have the number, we have the ticket so I still couldn’t believe that, we review the ticket and I see all the numbers and I was still not thinking we have win. I have only bought three times on occasions but my family sometimes we do sales because my daughter is going to 6th form so in a way she told me that she will do sales, we will do tamales, we will do sales to make up for schools and Saturday we were kind of tight because we didn’t make the money so we kind of give up but she told me that we will win.

Fantasy Five’s Public Relations Officer, Karil Wallace, told the media that this is one of the shortest periods between winners.

Karil Wallace – Public Relations Officer, Fantasy Five: We want to say congrats to Mr. Yupit. Congrats to him and his family, we hear about children being our blessings and in this case definitely I know I am sure that he is happy for his daughter’s recommendation of purchasing Fantasy five for that night. Here is the take away will be $198,000.98 after taxes, the actually jackpot that he won was at $234,000 dollars.

Yupit said that his winnings will go towards his children education, his mortgage and his vehicle loan. Wallace said that Fantasy Five will restart tomorrow at two hundred thousand dollars.