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YWCA holds summer programs

The YWCA started their annual Summer Program on Monday. The summer program has been in effect for 58 years and is a program that the children look forward to every year. Most programs are thirty to forty dollars along with a five dollars registration fee. There are approximately 12 different activities that are planned for the summer including an aerobics segment for adults two times a day, mornings and evenings. Giovanni Collins spoke of the programs.

Giovanni Colliins – Coordinator, YWCA

“Well we started off this week with remedial Math and English. For the weeks to come we have several other programs but this week started off with Math and English we have our basketball camp which is going on in the afternoon so we have programs happening in the morning right through to the afternoon. Next week coming up we have our reading program, currently going on we have our swimming program. There are two segments of swimming we have one happening from last week and one will happen coming in this new week. We have swimming, arts and craft, karate, cooking so we have a vast amount and even for our adults we have our fitness camps and this happens every evening, we cater for the working class from 5:30 to 6:30. It also happens in the morning.”

The Program is sponsored by the US State Department, Government of Belize, Creating A Safe Space Agenda and the YWCA. The YWCA summer programs are open to the entire community, adults, youths and toddlers.

Giovanni Colliins – Coordinator, YWCA

“We are still taking in registration forms you could stop by and register your child to take part in the summer program. We are catering for a vast amount of age ranges from infants right up to adults because the infants we incorporate them on Saturday whereby we teach the toddlers to swim so everybody has something to do here for the summer at the YWCA.”

To register yourself or your child you can go to the YWCA to fill out a quick and easy application form or call 203-4971 or 223-5685.