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YWCA receives Tablet Donations for Preschoolers

The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) pre-school received forty brand new tablets from the Tri-County Black Chamber of Commerce located in Houston, Texas.  The tablets will advance the pre-schoolers into digital learning. Nicole Curette, member of Tri-County Black Chamber of Commerce shared how YWCA connected with the organization to make the donation possible.

Member Tri-County Regional Black Chamber of Commerce

Nicole Curette, Member Tri-County Regional Black Chamber of Commerce: “The YWCA sent out a request for 40 tablets for the preschoolers so when the request came to the chamber our Ottawa Counsel Sheree Gongora sent out the request to all the members and when I saw the request, being that I had visited Belize several times on trade missions and I see that the children here are very eager to learn and I wanted to help out to help bring technology to the preschoolers. What really touched me is that they use tablets and technology now for all types of different things to help the preschoolers get it for the education I felt that would be a great contribution, being that I know they are eager to learn and to help be one of the first to bring a tablet to them I thought it would be a great help.”
Deanna Peyrefitte, General Secretary, YWCA

Deanna Peyrefitte, General Secretary, YWCA: “We’ve been doing preschool for many years, we know that children are big on tablets, parents have problems having them leave their tablets to come to school and we thought it’s about time we started to embrace tablets in the classrooms. Tablets are a very good tool to use but it has to be controlled and so we believe that it’s time. Our children seem to be born knowing how to use a smartphone and a tablet so in talking to the inspector for our preschool from the preschool unit of Ministry of Education they mentioned “hey Dianna don’t you think you could?” and I told them let me see what we can do and that is how we got the ball rolling. So we are really happy because a tablet can be used for lots of things so I had given some examples where if a child doesn’t speak English a tablet is a perfect tool for them to learn because on a tablet depending on the apps that you use you can have an app that shows a picture, says the sound; so if you speak Spanish as your first language and you can’t talk English you can learn English easily so it can be used that way. It’s not all day the children will be using the tablet, keep in mind that it will be scheduled, fifteen, twenty or thirty minutes for the day it’s not every day all day. So maybe at home parents allow that but when they come to school that is not going to be allowed, you are going to use it just for learning for a specific amount of time. So I don’t believe that the tablet takes away from anything else, I’m an adult you can’t give me a book to read on an iPad or tablet I will still pick up my hardcopy so some children just prefer that.”
YWCA hopes to expand the programme to other sectors of their institution.