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Zenaida Moya for Mesop? For the PUP?

Is former UDP Mayor Zenaida Moya interested in running for the People’s United Party? Reports to Love News is that she is. Since last week, reports have surfaced that Moya has expressed interest in running for the PUP in the Mesopotamia Division. We know that Moya had expressed intentions to become the division’s next area representative. It was only logical that she would have done so under the UDP, especially since we saw her  on the campaign trail with the current area representative Michael Finnegan in 2011. But there is a new player in the game and his name is Shyne Barrow. Last year it was reported Barrow had been actively doing ground work in the division as he prepared for the upcoming General elections. Could it be that Moya is jumping ship to still become Mesop’s Area Rep.? Today Love News asked PUP Leader John Briceno about it.

Reporter: You mentioned that people believe that the PUP is poised to win the next general elections and everyone is coming knocking on the PUP’s door and everyone wants a seat in this limousine for the upcoming general election, can you confirm or deny reports that in particular former UDP Zenaida Moya has come knocking on the PUP’s door to run in the Mesop division, can you confirm or deny that ?

John Briceno, Opposition Leader: “As I said a lot of people want and are expressing interest in running for the PUP and we listen to everybody, doesn’t mean that will accept or not accept.”

Reporter: Including Moya’s?

John Briceno, Opposition Leader: “As I said a lot of people have been speaking to us.”

Reporter: Would that be entertained by the PUP? She is a former UDP with a not so good past.”

John Briceno, Opposition Leader: “As I said any of these decisions they have to through the process, there is the process that you have to go through the vetting committee and also to the national executive.”

Love News contacted Moya for confirmation to our reports. She said quote, “I am not discussing who I am running for, if I am running or whatever at this point in time.” End of quote. She did say she is still interested in politics.