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Zenaida Moya to Challenge Charges Brought Upon her by the Police

One of the leaders of Belize Rights and Justice Movement (BRJM), Zenaida Moya is seeking to challenge the charges brought against her by the police. As we reported, Moya was arrested and charged over the weekend for her involvement in the group’s protest against the COVID-19 vaccines. The former two-term Belize City Mayor was charged for hosting a gathering of more than ten persons, who are not of the same household on Saturday. A day later, she was slapped with two additional charges of the failure to call a public procession held in contravention of the Act to disperse when required to do so by a Police officer; and organizing a public procession without the permission of the Commissioner of Police. According to attorney for organization, Arthur Saldivar, Moya’s rights were violated and she intends to seek legal action against the police department.

Arthur Saldivar, Attorney: “First and foremost it is to my mind, and even my personal view, a very cowardly and callous act to have singled out Zenaida Moya for the kind of treatment meted upon her by law enforcement. First and foremost Zenaida being a woman should not have been manhandled by a male police officer when there were female police officers present that is certainly a violation and I believe any woman in our society looking at that should appreciate the fact that her right as a woman was violated. This is not something that we should stand for. It is not something that we as Belizeans should accept. Now in relation to the charges brought against her those charges will be dealt with in court. The police have a right to make arrests and to charge and certainly we would hope that in the course of these matters being dealt with that some semblance of fairness in relation to the process would be observed because from the onset it has been shown that there’s been some bias against Ms.Moya, a real clear bias and prejudice against her. It’s totally anti Belizean, anti democratic.”