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Zeta Robbed of Large Undisclosed amount of Cash

Zeta Gas at mile 13 on the Philip Goldson Highway was also targeted by robbers before daybreak. The police say a large and undisclosed amount of cash was stolen from the main office.

Insp Wilfredo Ferrufino: On the first of November at about 4:15 am Ladyville Police was called to Zeta compound, this would be be at 13 1/2 miles on the Philip Goldson Highway. There they spoke to the security guard who indicated that about 1:50 AM while he was in the Security booth, he was making a login the security log book when he was approached by three individuals. One of whom was armed and they subsequently tied him up, hands and legs; they entered the main building for the establishment. At this time all we know is that there was a large amount of disclosed cash. The investigation is ongoing as we speak.”

The robbers were able to enter the building using a 4 digit keypad.  The security guard was not harmed. He was kept for questioning at the police station and was released late this afternoon. The manager of Zeta Gas told Love News that nothing happened at the office and he had no comment.