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Zoning Consultation held in Belmopan

Angelica Cruz reporting…

“Today the Belmopan City Council in collaboration with CARILED held a one day successful stake holder consultation training at the YWCA conference room in Belmopan. Love News stopped by and spoke to Ted Robinson consultant from Canada, Cadet Henderson City Engineer for the Belmopan City Council and Geraldo Flowers City administrator about how this will help build the city of Belmopan.

Ted Robinson – Consultant

“Well this morning we are having a stakeholder consultation for the city of Belmopan to find ways in which we may be able to create draft legislation for presentation to the government of Belize through the Belmopan City Council for an updated legislation in terms of creating zoning laws for Belmopan that would increase its economic development, create more social stability and also protect the environment in which we live. As you know Belmopan is the Capital City, it is also the Garden City and so we are looking at protecting our residents but also our wonderful environment that we have in Belmopan and proper zoning will increase economic development while at the same time enable us to do so in a sustainable manner.

Cadet Henderson – City Engineer

“The purpose of the training today is we are introducing the concept of zoning to technical stakeholders to get their opinions and thoughts about the content of the zoning bylaw and how it might be applied to the city and how some of the disputed land juices that are occurring now can be dealt with.”