Elmer Nah


Former Police Officer Elmer Nah Ordered to Stand Trial for

Elmer Nah will be standing trial later this year for a 2022 triple murder.  The
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Allegations of Setup Arise in Elmer Nah Case: Prosecutor Responds

In recent weeks, our newsroom has received videos and declarations from multiple persons, declaring that
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Accused Triple Murderer Expresses Fear for Life Amidst Trial Proceedings

Another major issue discussed at this morning’s trial was a complaint by accused triple murderer
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Preliminary Inquiry into Elmer Nah’s Triple Murder Case Stalls

Elmer Nah appeared in court today for his preliminary inquiry on his charge of triple
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Preliminary Inquiry for Accused Triple Murderer Elmer Nah Held in

Today, accused murderer and former cop Elmer Nah returned to the Belmopan court for a
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Adjournments Continue in Trial of Former Cop Elmer Nah for

Former Cop Elmer Nah returned to the Belmopan Magistrate Court this morning for the triple
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